Elizabeth Permanent Cosmetics coming soon! will be providing the best pigments in the market. Made of pure plant material, no iron oxide, so it will not cause allergic reactions. It will last about 3-5 years, without leaving any color behind it.

We are committed to taking Permanent Makeup to the next level of beauty, as it is every woman’s dream to look more beautiful and natural everyday, all day. Using safer plant based pigment. These inks are known for their stability,reliability and longevity. These organic inks are healthier and safer for the body and skin. These inks are reliable and safe because the harsh metals, which typically are found in other inks, have been removed. Once the metals are removed from the ink, the organic compound exists as a concentrated natural formula of color.

Elizabeth Permanent Cosmetics, is on a turn around is this industry, by staying away from the use of metallic inks because of the iron oxides and other metals, found in metallic inks, are known to fade quickly and have a tendency to turn an unnatural color in the skin as popularly seen in women with the pink, gray, or green eyebrows.

These unnatural metals can cause health risks like metal absorption and potentially harmful allergic reactions. When iron oxide or any other led based inks are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, these metals are absorbed into the blood cells, and then interact against the hemoglobin. Unfortunately, the body cannot differentiate between the iron in the inks and the natural iron found in the body.

Therefore, these unnatural metals found in the metallic inks are reportedly absorbed not only into the skin but also throughout the entire body. The iron oxide compounds that are found in most metallic inks are not entirely dangerous; the FDA has approved these inks to be used in different foods, drugs, and other cosmetics. It is important to note that these metals are not approved for implantation in the skin. The metallic inks are extremely inappropriate and potentially harmful when used in permanent makeup procedures.

Our plant based organic pigments are natural, safe, and reliable. Applying these inks to the skin, creates a natural shade of color that reflects light, leaving a subtle appearance that blends naturally with each individual skin tone. The result is natural and softer on the skin. In addition We are confident you will love this new revolutionary change in this industry as we thrive for superior technology and using healthier products.

We will also be selling these products for other technicians who are interested in carry on with the safety of their client and risk factor.